Btw, here’s the full post.. I’m just reblogged it, btw.. ^^~


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      1. Whoa, so you are ELFishy, lol.. Btw, so far, what’s your favorite song from SuJu?? And when did you know Super Junior?? 😉

  1. Each song has different charm but my favorites are atleast i still have you & reset. And i m an ELF from 1 year. What about you?

    1. He he, so sorry for a-super-late-reply.. I’m currently busy with my final exam this semester. Btw, my fave song of them are.. QUITE A LOT. But, since “Angel” is my first song of Super Junior I’ve heard, so “Angel” is on my fave songs list. Anyway, I forgot, how many years I knew them, approximately, I’ve been an ELF for 2 years this October.. XD

      Btw, do you have a twitter account or facebook account?? I’m more active there than here, ha ha (bad blogger!!, xp) =_=;

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