120526 SS4 Seoul Encore with Yesung [FanAcc]

Seems interesting.. -even though I haven’t read it.. lol-

120526-27 #SS4SeoulEncore Compilation Post

1. #SS4EncoreDay1 Yesung hugged every ppl who were singing n focused during Rokkugo.

2. #SS4EncoreDay1 only Yesung head got show papers during storm. even others didn’t …. His hair was too sticky ? But too cute!

3. #SS4EncoreDay1 after storm, Kyu helped to pick off that show papers from Yesung’s head. Looked so cute KyuSung.

4. #SS4EncoreDay1 Yesung sang “it has to be korea” at ending speech. Hyuk also imitated it, he also sang. But he let fan sing almost.

5. #SS4EncoreDay1 Yesung solo was also 사랑할수록. He sang it with strong emotion. His hands was shaking. It was so impressive !!!

6. #SS4EncoreDay1 Yesung hair was fluffy and fridge was little bit biased. His eyes looked more sharp.

7. #SS4EncoreDay1 all member / except siwon. He was naked / wore official T shirts. And Yesung hair became messy, looked he has just woke up.

8. #SS4EncoreDay1

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